Patricia Flower

Patricia Flower

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Celebrate the life of your loved one with this 42 inch wide, 34 inch high storyboard. These are customized, making it easy to utilize this service and final product for etcetera events.


For only $535 plus tax, you can choose your own design, Scripture or Quote, have your favorite pictures of your loved one added, and displayed on a beautifully laminated poster, canvas, and/or framed; ready for display.


1. Simply mail the photos you desire to our address and we will pick them up, scan them, create your poster (canvas or framed may apply), and we will return the originals with your order. An extra $40 is charged for the cost of shipping and handling.


2. For digital photos, upload them to Yahoo photos and email/share them with us at the following email address: info@photocanvass.com. No extra cost is associated with this method.

3. Turnaround time is generally 24 to 48 hours.


We look forward to meeting your expectations. Thank you for your interest.