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About Us

It is important for you to purchase the biggest funeral gift you'll give to your loved one on his or her passing.

Our mission is to provide high quality canvas & poster prints for yourself, family, and late loved one. It is important to buy quality because, as far as the rest of the competition goes, we win hands down.The idea for this website is over ten years old, though it has not lost its potential to satisfy customers and consumers alike. Use your insurance money wisely and do not skip the chance of making the most out of your memories.

We build the entire canvas and ship it right to your door on time with free overnight shipping when placed before 3:00 PM PST.

It is important to know that your loved one had the highest self esteem life had to offer them. Recording these moments on our Canvas/Posters with over 20+ heart warming moments will cause peace and serenity about your loved one's current condition in heaven.

All of our products do not have to be solely for a funeral. The poster or canvas that you choose may be used for multiple events including baby showers, weddings, graduations, and of course funerals which we can say inspired inspired this website.

Do not fret. We have embedded a webpage at the bottom of each page in order to assist you in every way possible. There is also a virtual assistant that will walk you step by step through the buying process. If you have lost someone, you have our condolences. Also, if you are having a wedding or engagement, congratulations on your new partnership.

We use ShareFile Application as a secondary mandatory option to ensure that the pictures get to us so that we can process your order in a timely fashion.

Shipping is done by a third party named Gooten, but the grunt work is done by myself and several other colleagues.

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